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Electric transmission consulting

Our proactive, end-in-mind approach charts the most efficient path for you.

When your job is to provide energy at the flip of a switch, you know what it takes to work under pressure. The early stages of an electric transmission project can be particularly daunting — before you build, the approval process can be long and arduous. You’re also up against public demand to keep utilities out of sight, the need to adapt quickly to changing patterns in demand and generation, and pressure to reduce cost. These stresses add up — and have the potential to derail the success of your project. 

At Haley & Aldrich, we understand you need to proactively get ahead of these concerns in order to chart the most efficient and cost-effective path to project success. That’s why our electric transmission consultants work with you to envision your end product, and to anticipate and plan for success as well as contingencies that may be needed along the way. With our end-in-mind approach, we’re able to understand your project’s critical success factors — allowing us to work better together to deliver your project efficiently and at a level of quality that exceeds your expectations.

Our electric transmission consulting team works with you to reach successful outcomes through an approach designed specifically based on your needs. That may mean we provide a workshop or mini course to your team to better conceptualize your projects up front and refine overall design strategies. Or, we may leverage our custom design and estimating trenchless technology tools to model the feasibility, configurations, and construction risk of your trenchless project. Whatever approach we identify, it will be based on your needs, you’ll see the big picture as a result, and you’ll be confident in the approach before we begin execution.

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James Pippin

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Delivering technical excellence and beyond

From permitting to geotechnical expertise to trenchless technology, Haley & Aldrich’s electric transmission consultants bring technical excellence and innovative thinking to tackle your large, complex projects. One way we do so is by leveraging our in-depth understanding of trenchless methods for transmission construction. We have helped to establish industry-wide standards and built proprietary models to evaluate trenchless installation design and construction approaches that can help you reduce and manage construction risk. Our clients tell us that this type of thinking is what builds their trust in us — and why they come back to us again and again. 

Some of the services we offer our electric transmission clients:

Haley & Aldrich’s proactive approach and ability to deliver technical excellence and beyond ensures every step of your electric transmission project is smooth.

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