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Haley & Aldrich to enter an agreement with Conscia to form Conscia US

Burlington, Mass., October 12, 2021 – Haley & Aldrich, an engineering and environmental consulting company, plans to form an LLC with Conscia Pty Ltd, an Australia-based management consultancy, to create Conscia US, a consultancy focused on bringing together the best of both firms. Conscia US will develop strategies and advisory services that address the business, engineering, and environmental challenges facing governmental and business entities operating in the U.S.

Conscia’s leaders have a history of identifying innovations that address complex challenges facing the world and connecting those innovations to the business strategies of global government agencies and corporations. Haley & Aldrich has strong relationships with commercial and industrial clients and has worked with governmental agencies throughout the U.S.

As well, Haley & Aldrich has a history of creating innovations to solve complex engineering and environmental challenges. Conscia worked with Haley & Aldrich in Australia to introduce Haley & Aldrich’s per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) technology to the Australian Department of Defence. This innovative PFAS solution was delivered to the Defence via Haley & Aldrich’s subsidiary, ECT2, since sold to Montrose. That effort resulted in Conscia receiving the Australian Business Award for Business Excellence on September 28, 2021.

“We have an established relationship with Conscia in Australia and are eager to bring the value of that relationship to the U.S. This venture will also allow Haley & Aldrich’s innovations to address global challenges through Conscia’s advisory services provided throughout North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia,” said Shawn Fiore, Haley & Aldrich’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

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