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How facilities management leaders can reverse the deferred maintenance mindset

Facilities management departments at colleges and universities around the country are struggling to manage their deferred maintenance backlogs. Reactive maintenance costs institutions 5-10 times more per asset than if they were regularly maintained, erodes the value of assets, and negatively impacts the perception of faculty, staff, students, and prospective students.

In this guide, written by Haley & Aldrich’s Kelly Meade and Melissa McEwen, facilities management leaders will learn:

  • What deferred maintenance really costs their campus
  • How mental models related to deferred maintenance lead to more money and labor spent on emergencies
  • How one university changed its deferred maintenance approach to decrease unplanned maintenance and reduce operating expenses
  • How applying a customer- and people-centric approach can help find hidden resources to invest in the responsible stewardship of buildings and contribute an institution’s mission

Free to download How You Can Reverse the Deferred Maintenance Mindset here.