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Unearthing Geotech

Lyssa Lincoln Reed, a Haley & Aldrich geotechnical engineer and project manager, was spotlighted in a recent edition of her high school alumni magazine.

The profile, “Unearthing Geotech” in the winter 2022 edition of the Taft Bulletin, traces Reed’s path from The Taft School in Connecticut through undergraduate and master’s programs at Cornell University, where she decided to focus on geotechnical engineering. “Geoengineering just seemed more fun to me,” Reed says in the article. “With structural engineering, it’s a lot of crunching numbers, whereas with geotech, you’re always tackling something different.”

Reed also notes significant New York projects she worked on before relocating to Boston to join Haley & Aldrich in 2020, including Louis Armstrong Stadium (part of the US Tennis Association’s Billie Jean King National Tennis Center), residential developments along the Highline, and site development at the World Trade Center. Now, Reed notes, she spends less time in the field and more on the management and technical design aspects of projects, and she looks forward to continued career growth at Haley & Aldrich.

“One reason I was eager to join Haley & Aldrich is that they have so many women in leadership positions,” says Reed. “I want to get there one day. I want to inspire young female engineers and show them that exciting opportunities are out there.”

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