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Headshot of male, Chris Hockett

Chris Hockett, P.E., G.E.

Technical Expert, Geo-Civil Engineer

Chris has been designing public works infrastructure improvement projects in the transportation and water resources sectors since 2004. He has expertise in preparation of geotechnical data and design reports for the construction of municipal structures, roadways, and water-related assets and in preparation of plans, specifications, and engineer’s estimates for public works infrastructure renewal projects. He brings experience working with the California Department of Transportation on state and locally funded projects within its right-of-way.

Chris enjoys collaborating with other engineers and geologists to arrive at design solutions that address client challenges and meet stakeholders’ needs. He also appreciates the opportunity to bring resilient infrastructure to his native Northern California. Chris’s open and honest communication style drives every client relationship and project under his care.

  • Checkmark AutoCAD Civil 3D modeling
  • Checkmark Bridge foundation reports
  • Checkmark Flexible and rigid pavement rehabilitation for roadways and trails
  • Checkmark Flood wall and foundation analysis and design
  • Checkmark Landslide repairs
  • Checkmark Mechanically stabilized earth embankments and retaining walls
  • Checkmark Mechanically stabilized earth embankments and retaining walls
  • Checkmark Bridge foundation design
  • Checkmark Retaining-wall analysis and design
  • Checkmark Subsurface explorations and laboratory testing
  • Checkmark Trenchless technology for culvert installations

“I’ve always been inspired by the variety of public infrastructure around the San Francisco Bay. Growing up in the area, I was curious about how bridges work, how tunnels stay open, and why the Bay Area Rapid Transit tubes don’t float to the surface of the San Francisco Bay. Exposure to this environment encouraged me to pursue civil engineering and geotechnical engineering.