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Jackie Roddy Headshot

Jackie Roddy, P.E.

 Senior Project Manager

Jackie brings nearly two decades of experience in environmental project management and engineering support services to her work as senior project manager at Haley & Aldrich, with emphasis on solutions that fulfill client business objectives while also meeting regulatory requirements. She focuses on developing authentic partnerships with clients to fully understand their operational goals, so results are tailored to their unique needs.  

Jackie’s project experience includes assessment and remediation of properties affected by chlorinated solvents, metals, pesticides, and PCBs; she’s also adept at risk management and behavior-based health and safety planning. Jackie has managed projects in the energy sector and for industrial clients across the southwestern U.S., emphasizing technical excellence, multidisciplinary team management, budget and timeline control, and health and safety. She also has experience in due diligence, including Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs).  

“I enjoy working with multidisciplinary teams of colleagues, clients, technical experts, and stakeholders to find cost-effective, sustainable solutions aligned with client priorities and community needs. This kind of consulting requires a capacity for growth and learning from all involved, which I celebrate — it produces truly collaborative, innovative, and successful outcomes.”