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Geometric Decoration
Nicholas Tucci

Nicholas Tucci

Technical Expert, Geochemistry

Nicholas strives to produce high-value results for his clients using adaptive approaches to meet their greatest challenges. He is a creative and strategic thinker adept at solving difficult problems through relentless curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm. Taking a wider view and developing a vision for success motivates him most in the workplace.

Nicholas sees his ability to solve problems efficiently while maintaining focus on the big picture as his greatest asset. Clients, stakeholders, and team members are often thrilled by the combination of great ideas and the passion to find ideal solutions that he brings. Nicholas can also effectively communicate technically complex ideas in an efficient and consumable manner, which helps his clients achieve their desired results.

  • Checkmark Energy
  • Checkmark Environmental trusts
  • Checkmark Groundwater
  • Checkmark Industrial and manufacturing
  • Checkmark Mining
  • Checkmark Contaminated site management
  • Checkmark Water resources
  • Checkmark Water quality

“My favorite hobby is chess because it involves the implementation of endless creativity, infinite opportunities, significant challenges, and above all else, strategy. I approach client work with a similar mindset. By understanding the big picture, I can make the right moves for a desirable outcome.”