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Headshot of male, Pierre LeMieux

Pierre LeMieux

Senior Technical Expert, Environmental Scientist

Pierre has dedicated his career to ensuring responsible resource development and reclamation of legacy and abandoned mine sites. He draws insights from a career in which he has worn many “hard hats” across the mining industry, from surveyor to engineer to permitting and compliance specialist.

For more than a decade, Pierre has brought this expertise to public and private clients as a consultant. These clients rely on his guidance for reclamation and site closure planning as well as civil and environmental engineering projects related to mine waste removal, stream and wetland restoration, and stormwater management. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast who grew up in Montana, Pierre brings a practical approach to project management, handling every aspect with a view of the client’s end goals and of broader issues related to resource development and land use.

  • Checkmark Site characterization and design
  • Checkmark Contaminant and waste removal
  • Checkmark Development of soil treatments and amendments
  • Checkmark Civil and environmental engineering
  • Checkmark Mine waste removal
  • Checkmark Reclamation and revegetation planning
  • Checkmark Constructed wetlands
  • Checkmark Site reclamation and closure
  • Checkmark Stream channel and floodplain restoration
  • Checkmark Stormwater controls for remediation projects

“I have worked on numerous ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ projects that have been rewarding both personally and professionally. I love seeing the transformation that happens when impacted sites are reclaimed and become available for beneficial use and recreation for all.”