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Base and precious metals consulting

Our nimble business model allows us to find creative solutions tailored to your needs.

You don’t need to be told that base and precious metals mining poses significant risks — especially given that the bigger the project, the greater its potential impact. Public safety, environmental concerns, permitting, timeline delays, and regulatory compliance are all top-of-mind concerns, and need to be proactively managed. You also know all too well that some of these issues can threaten to cripple your operations — and you’re doing all you can to find efficiencies to ensure that doesn’t happen. What is sometimes forgotten is that the small projects can often post disproportionately high risk, especially regarding impact on the environment.

At Haley & Aldrich, we understand the scale, complexity, and high risks inherent in base and precious metals mining. You need a partner with the experience and knowledge to ensure your employees and communities are protected, while promising the best project results. Haley & Aldrich’s precious metals engineering team has the geotechnical and hydrological expertise, as well as the mining lifecycle knowledge, to solve any challenge you might face.

Unlike big conglomerates that prioritize revenue above all else, Haley & Aldrich’s business model allows our experts to take a nimble, flexible approach. Because of that, our precious metals engineering, mining, and geotechnical experts can quickly and easily adapt, and more freely seek creative solutions to your problems. And we don’t innovative for the sake of innovating — but rather, so we can introduce efficiencies to the complex base and precious metals mining lifecycle.

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Rick Frechette

Principal Consultant, Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

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Principal Consultant

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Kennet Bertelsen

Senior Civil Engineer

Market highlights

  • Checkmark Alternatives analysis and risk-based decision making
  • Checkmark Focused construction support services
  • Checkmark Full-scale design of structures and site-wide layouts
  • Checkmark Permitting for new projects or expansions
  • Checkmark Reclamation cost estimating
  • Checkmark Site characterization
  • Checkmark Site reclamation and closure design
  • Checkmark Strategies for optimizing usage of existing facilities
  • Checkmark Support for assessing bonding adequacy
  • Checkmark Water management and water balance
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A new approach to base and precious metals consulting

Haley & Aldrich’s engineering experts know technical excellence is required in base and precious metals mining. And beyond that, we understand that because of the significant risks associated with this market, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. That’s why we work hard to uncover the risks and limitations specific to your site, understand your budgetary constraints, and develop stakeholder and regulator relationships with your needs in mind. The result? A carefully balanced formula crafted entirely around your specific needs —and done right the first time.

Some of our based precious metal consulting services include:

Our creative, end-based solutions ensure your base and precious metals engineering projects are as efficient, cost-effective, and safe as possible.

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