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Haley & Aldrich announces Shawn Fiore as the company’s new President and Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Fiore

Burlington, Mass., June 24, 2021 – Haley & Aldrich announced today that its Board of Directors selected Shawn Fiore to succeed Larry Smith as the company’s next President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective July 22, 2021. Fiore joined Haley & Aldrich in 2002. He recently served as General Manager of its Energy and Mining Business Unit and as the company’s interim Chief Services Officer. He has and will continue to serve as a Principal Consultant working directly with clients. When Fiore assumes the President and CEO role in July, Smith will serve as a strategic advisor to the company through the remainder of 2021.

“Today, our clients are experiencing far greater complexity in their regulatory, organizational, and community challenges than ever before,” said Fiore. “Together with Haley & Aldrich’s exceptional staff, I’m excited to focus on supporting our clients and building on the heritage that has facilitated our success over the past 60 years. I am truly humbled to be selected as Haley & Aldrich’s next CEO.”

Throughout Fiore’s 35-year career in the environmental and engineering industry, he has built and led successful project teams focused on providing creative solutions to complex regulatory, engineering, environmental, and sustainability problems. When working with clients, leading teams, and mentoring staff, he seeks to develop trust and build relationships that endure.

Fiore has completed professional assignments across Haley & Aldrich’s entire U.S. geographic footprint and in numerous other countries worldwide. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in geochemistry, a Master of Science degree in geology, is a Registered Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania, a Licensed Professional Geologist in Indiana, and a Certified Professional under the Ohio Voluntary Action Program. He lives south of Cleveland where he enjoys time with his wife and two children, exploring the nearby national park, kayaking, fishing, and tending beehives.

“I am delighted with the selection of Shawn as the next President and CEO of this great company,” said Smith. “Shawn’s easy manner, forward focus, and humble nature have helped him build deep relationships with our clients and staff, and they are key reasons our Board selected him. He is admired and respected for his insight and strategic thinking, his ability to listen and engage others, his deep curiosity, and his strong appetite for learning. These attributes will serve our company, clients, and communities well now and into the future.”

Smith joined Haley & Aldrich initially in 1978 and rejoined in 1985. He was elected Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in December 2004, and President and CEO in 2010. Most recently, Smith provided strong and compassionate leadership to Haley & Aldrich staff through the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling them to work and live safely to protect themselves and their families while meeting the needs of their clients and communities.

In 2020, Smith led the successful acquisition of Hart Crowser, a geotechnical engineering and environmental consultancy that is headquartered in Seattle and has extensive experience in the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Islands. Starting in 2013, he oversaw the development of the Haley & Aldrich subsidiary Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies, Inc. (“ECT2”), a leader in cutting-edge solutions that mitigate the impact of emerging contaminants in air and water. The company sold ECT2 in August 2019 to enable it to achieve its full global potential. In 2003 Larry instituted, and has since co-facilitated, Haley & Aldrich’s Leadership Development Program for the company’s next-generation leaders.

“I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of Haley & Aldrich staff members over the past few months,” Fiore said. “During those conversations it has been abundantly clear that staff at all levels have deep appreciation and gratitude for the culture of continual learning, thoughtful experimentation, and diverse thinking that Larry has brought to the company. I’m eager to build on that strong foundation in the years ahead.”

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