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Hybrid foundation solution for debris fill, compressible soil

Mike Weaver

In a recently published article for Deep Foundations, Hybrid foundation solution for debris fill, compressible soil, Michael Weaver, P.E., Senior Associate and Director of Field Services at Haley & Aldrich, highlights the value of a hybrid foundation approach in urban redevelopment projects. Michael co-authored the article with Helical Drilling’s Michael Cronenberger, P.E., and Andrew Thompson, P.E.

The article recounts how Weaver and the geotechnical team faced significant site condition challenges, which included previously filled land that had many past industrial uses, at the Alta XMBLY site in Massachusetts. As a result, the varying site conditions could not accommodate a one-size-fits-all foundation approach. The team instead developed a cost- and schedule-effective hybrid foundation approach consisting of ductile iron piles, sonic technology, and GeoConcrete Columns and shallow rammed aggregate pier ground improvement systems.

Read the full article on Deep Foundations.