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Improving risk-based decision making at vapor intrusion sites

Currently, there is little guidance available to determine site-specific soil vapor cleanup goals. Haley & Aldrich’s Principal Consultant Gina Plantz recently presented approaches for addressing this challenge in a workshop. Gina collaborated with Robbie Ettinger of Geosyntec Consultants and Ross Steenson of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board to deliver the workshop at the 22nd Annual CUPA Conference in February 2020.

Their presentation, Improving risk-based decision making at vapor intrusion sites, highlights three specific areas to thoughtfully consider when developing site vapor intrusion (VI) evaluation work plans, cleanup goals, and decisions:

• Applicability and limitations of the USEPA generic attenuation factors
• Impact of background sources of VI assessments  
• Considerations and approaches for developing soil vapor cleanup goals

Download the full presentation here or contact Gina to learn more about how to improve your organization’s approach to vapor intrusion.