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Ideal behaviors drive ideal results

In the Spring 2018 issue of The Professional Contractor, Haley & Aldrich’s Kelly Meade, Senior Lean Practitioner and Lean Black Belt, explains how organizations need to start “being Lean” with the right behaviors instead of “doing Lean tools.” Projects with Lean applied consistently are three times more likely to finish ahead of schedule and two times more likely to finish under budget. But Lean isn’t a checklist of things, a set of tools or an event; it’s a way of thinking and being. Lean provides the opportunity to inject respect for people into daily operations while yielding better performance.


Regardless of your organization’s experience with Lean, Kelly provides four tips on how to start practicing ideal behaviors to get more of the ideal results you’re seeking.

Read four tips on how to practice ideal behaviors and “be Lean” in Kelly’s article “Ideal behaviors drive ideal results.”