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Corrine McKenzie

Corinne McKenzie

Senior Project Manager

A passionate project manager, Corinne strives to understand her clients, explain regulatory options, and then identify the approach that best meets project goals. Over her decade-plus career, Corinne has worked on all aspects of real estate projects, including due diligence assessments, property development evaluations, and compliance work according to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan. She also has extensive experience with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Corrine manages all aspects of project development and assessment, from site evaluations to liaising with state regulatory agencies and community groups. She has managed urban and suburban sites, including current and former industrial properties, manufacturing facilities, and commercial properties. Corinne enjoys handling the complexities of all these projects and, ultimately, shaping a development that benefits the community around it.

“Every day presents new challenges in the environmental consulting field. I enjoy working through those challenges with project teams and guiding environmentally impacted properties as they’re remediated and used to benefit the community.”