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Kai Feng headshot

Kai Feng, Ph.D., P.E.

Technical Expert, Geotechnical Engineer

Kai has a wealth of experience in subsurface investigations and reports, soils and materials lab testing, fault studies and seismic hazard analyses, liquefaction analyses and remedial design, and foundation studies and reports.  

His clients — which have included airports, developers, public and private utilities, and government entities such as school districts — routinely benefit from Kai’s active listening and tailored solutions. He prioritizes clear and transparent communication to ensure clients are well-informed and confident in their decisions, and he acts as a trusted advisor, advocating for their success throughout every project.  

Kai also has a passion for problem-solving and keeping up with industry trends, which has fueled his research on innovative bio-cementation techniques and on sustainability strategy. Kai is committed to applying new and tested knowledge to deliver technical excellence to clients as part of partnerships that prioritize their long-term success. 

“My childhood fascination with bridges and buildings kindled a passion for civil engineering, which blends creativity, problem-solving, and profound societal impacts. I get to turn innovative ideas into reality by exploring new materials, technologies, and design concepts to expand what’s possible. At the same time, I’m solving immediate, real-world challenges linked to critical issues affecting our communities and the environment.”