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Melissa McEwen, MBA

Service Leader, Lean Consulting

Melissa is a collaborator and Lean thinker focused on helping owners, builders, and designers to transform the built environment through innovation and better ways of working. She works closely with both executive staff and front-line workers to align purpose, structure, processes, people, and rewards. She has significant experience combining Lean thinking with other coaching, organizational design, design thinking, and behavioral tools, including Management Drives, Predictive Index, and 360 Assessments.

Melissa was introduced to Lean in 2005 and discovered a simple, yet powerful way of engaging people to solve problems. She is committed to building our industry’s capacity to adapt and innovate – one individual, team, project, and organization at a time. She believes people deserve better work experiences and is passionate about helping those who shape the built environment to achieve more satisfaction.   

  • Checkmark Capital improvement planning
  • Checkmark Lean facilitation and convening
  • Checkmark Operational excellence
  • Checkmark Process improvement
  • Checkmark Project delivery and project management transformation

“I’m passionate about the potential of people to transform the way we think and work in the built environment. From designers to PMs to trades, I’m inspired by how deeply so many people care about their craft and the work we do in the built environment. Together, I know we can humanize the workplace and make our organizations healthier. And in doing so, we will continue to make the built environment better for our communities and our planet.”

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