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Melissa McEwen

Principal Consultant and Service Leader, Lean Consulting

Melissa is a collaborator and Lean thinker focused on helping owners, builders, and designers to transform the built environment through innovation and better ways of working. As a co-creator of Haley & Aldrich’s Industrialized Construction Maturity Assessment, she is at the forefront of using Lean thinking and manufacturing principles with general contractors and construction trades to accelerate their organization’s journey toward the future of construction.

Melissa focuses on growing people into problem solvers and innovators by building on their passion, creativity, and deep knowledge of their craft, and helping them learn to see the opportunity to apply manufacturing, robotics, and supply chain innovations to deliver extraordinary designs and construction excellence. She works with all team members closely — from executive staff to virtual design and construction production engineers to foremen in the field — to align purpose, structure, processes, people, and rewards.

Melissa was introduced to Lean in 2005 and discovered a simple, yet powerful way of engaging people to solve problems. She is committed to building our industry’s capacity to adapt and innovate — one individual, team, project, and organization at a time. She believes people deserve better work experiences and she is passionate about helping those who shape the built environment to achieve more satisfaction.    

“I’m passionate about the potential of people to transform the way we think and work in the built environment. I’m inspired by how deeply so many people care about their craft and the work we do in this space. Together, I know we can humanize the workplace and revolutionize construction. And in doing so, we will continue to make the built environment better for our communities and our planet.”