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Geometric Decoration

Michael Cronan, LSP, LEED AP

Program Manager, Environmental Sciences

Michael became an environmental consultant because he wanted to contribute to his community. Over his almost 20-year career, he has seen how remediated sites can revitalize properties and neighborhoods for future generations. As a senior project manager, Michael provides licensed site professional (LSP) services for institutional and developer clients, supporting due diligence, site characterization, remediation, and regulatory compliance under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) and Toxic Substances Control Act. 

Throughout his career, Michael has gained extensive experience evaluating potential oil and hazardous materials releases, and remediating sites with a range of contaminants including petroleum, metals, PCBs, pesticides, and chlorinated solvents. Clients appreciate how Michael’s creative approaches solve complex environmental issues, providing the best methods to reach each project’s unique objectives.

  • Checkmark Electrical resistance heating and enhanced biodegradation
  • Checkmark Groundwater pump and treat
  • Checkmark In situ chemical oxidation/reduction and stabilization
  • Checkmark Institutions, industrial, manufacturing, residential, and commercial properties
  • Checkmark Non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) recovery
  • Checkmark Project development and assessment from initial site investigations to closure 
  • Checkmark Project management and LSP services
  • Checkmark Soil-vapor extraction and remedial excavation
  • Checkmark Urban and suburban sites
  • Checkmark Vapor mitigation systems

“Every project has its own unique characteristics. That’s why I work collaboratively with our clients and their project teams to develop multiple approaches to address their complex environmental issues, and then select the approach that best meets their objectives, budgets, and schedule.”