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We're seeking top talent.

At Haley & Aldrich, we are always looking for creative, enthusiastic, and self-motivated individuals to join our team. Building the best team in the industry means setting our sights on being an employer of choice for all. Strong leadership combined with a diverse and engaged team is our foundation for growth and innovation. 

We frequently visit college campuses and participate in professional society recruiting events so we can meet face-to-face with prospective candidates. 

Spring 2020 Recruiting Events & Job Fairs

    January 17 – Cal Poly CEE Career Fair 
    January 28 – Univ. of Michigan Winter Engineering Career Fair 
    February 11 – Stanford CEE Career Fair 
    February 12 – UC Berkeley CEE Career Fair 
    February 20 – Keene State SOHAS Career Fair 
    February 21 – San Jose State Career Fair 
    February 28 – UMass Amherst CEE Career Fair 
    February 28 – Univ. of Hartford Civil Engineering & Construction Career Fair 
    March 3 – UConn Engineering Career Fair 
    April 7 – UC Berkeley CEE Seminar (hosted by H&A)

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