Haley & Aldrich provides perspective on the U.S. infrastructure in About.com article

Boston, MA (April 30, 2013) - Haley & Aldrich’s perspective on the state of the U.S. infrastructure is included in an article on About.com. This perspective is particularly timely in light of the 2013 US Infrastructure grade released by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The overall grade, a D+, is up from a D grade received in 2009. This is still quite worrisome, particularly with mounting climate change issues such as super storms and sea level rise. President Obama is also focusing on the nation’s crumbling roads and bridges, calling for a number of initiatives including a series of tax breaks and loans to stimulate private investment. Haley & Aldrich provided an authoritative perspective around a series of questions posed by the About.com editor. These questions included:What factors does Haley & Aldrich think contributed to have a higher grade than previous report?

  • What will be the impact for our nation's infrastructure from the federal sequestration?

  • How much impact does P3 projects will have on a crumbling infrastructure?

  • Federal incentives have driven and significantly helped renewable energy projects. However, incentives are getting to an end, so how could this be a drawback on improving our nation's grid?

  • Recent natural disasters are devastating and showing how weak and vulnerable our infrastructure is. What type of projects are needed to overcome these issues?

  • Public transportation needs a big push forward as many rail systems are still being designed and there is no clear funding available for those projects. How could states and federal agencies will be able to move these projects forward?

  • If Haley & Aldrich were to decide, what will be the main priority the government should focus on?

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