• Western Water Summit

    Haley & Aldrich’s Jake Torrens and Amy Malick will be participating in a panel discussing how the City of Chula Vista, California implemented an actionable water stewardship plan.

  • Women in Geotechnical Engineering Happy Hour & Networking

    The San Francisco Geo-Institute Chapter is hosting this Happy Hour at Tertulia Coffee in Oakland, which includes an informal panel featuring Haley & Aldrich’s Catherine Ellis.

  • NEWEA 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibit

    Haley & Aldrich’s Abhinav Huli will be co-presenting, “Westport’s Pump Station No. 2 Force Main Replacement Project using HDD: A Case Study.”

  • New Jersey Site Remediation Conference

    Topics covered by Haley & Aldrich's experts range from thermal remediation technologies and ERH remediation to statistical tools beyond time-series plots.

  • 13th Annual Construction and Demolition Materials Management Regional Summit

    Haley & Aldrich’s Katherine Dilawari will present at this summit hosted by the Environmental Business Council of New England.

  • Tenth International Conference on the Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments

    Haley & Aldrich’s Helder Costa, George L. Hicks, Mark D. Kelley, and Laura McWilliams will showcase their expertise at this biennial conference.

  • 2019 Advanced Foundry Waste and Byproducts Seminar

    Dan Oman, Construction Manager at Haley & Aldrich, will be presenting two sessions - Generator Treatment and Foundry Byproduct Regulation Overview.

  • Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC) 2019

    Haley & Aldrich’s Neal Kochis, Steve Putrich, Lee Saunders, and Jason Pokorny will be presenting at EUEC 2019.

  • NASTT’s No-Dig Show

     “Westport’s Pump Station No. 2 Force Main Replacement Project using HDD: A Case Study,” will be co-presented by Haley & Aldrich’s Abhi Huli.
  • Midwest University 2019

    Haley & Aldrich’s Senior CAD Manager Sam Lucido will be presenting “Making your Mark with a Map Book in Map 3D” at Midwest University.

  • Geo-Congress 2019

    Haley & Aldrich staff will participate in nine presentations at Geo-Congress 2019: The Eighth International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering.

  • Fifth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies

    The Symposium will include a panelist, two posters, and five platform presentations from Haley & Aldrich.