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Advanced risk assessment reduces college’s multi-million dollar remediation bill to zero

college remediation risk assessment

Client challenge

Waste contamination from former manufacturing operations, which had ceased over 100 years ago, resulted in impacted soils and groundwater in the area of the former factory and migrated through surface water bodies into downstream sediments within a six-acre wetland. The state Department of Environmental Protection had designated the disposal site owned by a suburban college to be Tier 1A — the highest category of risk to humans and wildlife. Numerous investigations have been completed and the site has gone through a long series of remediation projects. Remediation of the remaining impacted sediments within the downstream wetlands portion of the site was originally estimated at $7–$10 million based on initial delineation and remedial goals developed by a previous consultant.

college remediation risk assessment

Our approach

Haley & Aldrich conducted a review and determined that the assessment of the property’s high toxicity and associated remedial goals had been based on generalized assumptions that were not accurate to the situation in situ. After completing additional delineation and performing thorough contaminant testing, a hydrogeological evaluation, and site specific toxicity testing, the Haley & Aldrich risk assessment team demonstrated that the sediment posed no threat to humans, wildlife or water resources.

Value delivered

  • Preserved the wetland habitat
  • Reduced remediation and project management costs to zero and avoided interruptions to campus life

For more information on this project, contact:

Jennifer Sweet

Senior Associate, Program Manager