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Photo of inside a warehouse with industrial equipment, and three people wearing yellow shirts.

Gaston Electrical transforms prefab shop with help from Haley & Aldrich construction manufacturing consultants


Increase in shop productivity


Increase in standard assemblies


Days regularly saved on jobs


  • For more than 80 years, Gaston Electrical has prided itself on delivering best-in-class electrical construction services. The company started a prefab shop in 2014, which saved time and money for customers and the business. But Gaston’s people knew that they could do more to internalize the shift from traditional to prefab construction manufacturing methods in the shop.
  • To assist, they brought in Haley & Aldrich’s construction manufacturing consultants, who have a proven track record of transforming companies through a Lean-centered approach to construction manufacturing.
  • Using our Industrialized Construction Maturity Assessment, the Haley & Aldrich team evaluated Gaston’s shop facilities, training methods, and processes. They then customized a plan to help Gaston meet its goals — which included tripling the amount of work delivered prefab within five years—using our Construction Manufacturing System approach.
  • Our team helped identify opportunities to standardize products, reconfigure workspaces, and make other significant changes. Woven throughout was perhaps the most important shift for long-term adoption: changing staff mindset.
  • We empowered Gaston’s shop workers to see possibilities for improvement and share insights with other teams. They also took the initiative to create a Lean orientation program to train new hires, and the shop has become a model for others looking to successfully integrate construction manufacturing principles.

For more information, contact:

Melissa McEwen

Principal Consultant and Service Leader, Lean Consulting

Nick Masci

Principal Consultant, Construction Manufacturing