Regional airport taps Haley & Aldrich to elevate environmental stewardship and build green initiatives

San Diego Regional Airport Authority California

Project highlights

Client challenge
The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority operates the San Diego International Airport, a 660-acre site with the busiest single-lane runway in the country. With no ability to relocate or expand the airport’s current footprint, the Authority knew the airport’s growth would only happen if the Authority met the stakeholders’ needs for responsible environmental stewardship and sustainability. The Authority needed expert guidance to both ensure it remained compliant with environmental regulations and to cement its position as one of the industry’s foremost sustainability leaders. To do that, it enlisted its longtime trusted advisor, Haley & Aldrich, to provide on-call, on-site expert personnel to co-develop and manage the Authority’s environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Our approach
Working as an extension of the airport’s staff, Haley & Aldrich helped the Authority move from siloed project-based decisions to long-range, holistic strategies by involving multiple departments in cooperative, interconnected long-range planning. To ensure the Authority’s position as an environmental leader, we helped it achieve Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation by articulating the Authority’s ongoing efforts to manage its greenhouse gas emissions. We also oversaw regulatory compliance at airport construction sites.

Additionally, we co-developed a comprehensive Water Stewardship Plan to address issues of water conservation, water quality, and flood risk, while positioning the Authority to save millions of dollars and move toward a closed-loop water system. We worked with the airport to create a voluntary Green Concession Program to reduce the environmental footprint of the airport’s many concession tenants. Through our Lean approach to facilitated problem-solving, we helped the Authority’s many internal stakeholders align on the multibillion-dollar investments it will make over the next two decades.

Value delivered

  • Developed long-term environmental strategies that expanded the Authority’s leadership position in airport sustainability.
  • Brought environmental considerations to the table in investment-planning discussions.
  • Moved a seven-year soil and groundwater remediation effort to closure.
  • Secured $500,000 in grant funding for sustainability initiatives.
  • Positioned the Authority to save millions of dollars annually and highlighted the long-range implications of sea level rise for a bayfront airport through the Water Stewardship Plan.
  • Helped the Authority extend its long-range capital planning from five to 20 years.

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