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Overview of state approaches to vapor intrusion: 2023 update

State approaches to vapor intrusion.

Haley & Aldrich technical experts Bart Eklund, Catherine Regan, and Richard Rago, along with Lila Beckley of GSI Environmental, have co-authored a paper that discusses how each U.S. state addresses vapor intrusion (VI).

The journal Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation published the paper, “Overview of State Approaches to Vapor Intrusion: 2023 Update,” online in February 2024. The authors update readers on the state of VI investigation and mitigation requirements since their last comprehensive survey, which was published in 2018. Since then, they note, 30 states have revised their guidance, issued new guidance, or updated criteria or other VI-related information.  

The authors detail aspects of policy and guidance in each state and the District of Columbia, including screening values for the chemicals that commonly drive VI investigations and key policies for evaluating and mitigating VI. They find an overall lack of consensus among these regulatory agencies, making it difficult for site owners, consultants, and regulators to take a consistent approach to VI if they are managing sites in multiple jurisdictions. The authors aim to ease that challenge by providing a useful technical reference and regulatory summary for practitioners and the regulated community nationwide. 

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