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Standing out: Wystan Carswell’s career story with PileDriver Magazine

Wystan Carswell Boston geotech support of excavation

Wystan Carswell’s love of math and science set her on track to becoming a high-level geostructural engineer, but her liberal arts background also helped drive her success. Now, she’s a senior technical specialist in Haley & Aldrich’s Boston office, primarily focused on excavation support system design and analysis. She was interviewed by PileDriver Magazine’s Mark Halsall on her career trajectory, life at Haley & Aldrich, and advice for newcomers in the industry. Here are some interview highlights:

  • On how communication skills have helped Wystan in her career: “Getting to an answer, a design, or coming up with an engineering product is one thing, but your ability to communicate what that is and why it’s the best idea is often the difference between whether the project goes ahead or not.”
  • On achieving success in a male-dominated field: “One of the reasons why Haley & Aldrich was an appealing company to work for was because they have a high percentage of women employees distributed throughout the company, all the way from intern to the C-suite. That meant a lot to me as a someone entering a company, to see that there are a lot of really powerful senior project managers and client leaders who were women. I think it’s easier to imagine yourself in a career trajectory when you see others who are like you in similar positions.”
  • Wystan’s advice for newcomers in the industry: “Some of the most important things are having good mentors, from both inside and outside of the company that you want to work for, and also a strong network of people you can rely on for support. And don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.”

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