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Geometric Decoration
Don Hopper

Don Hopper

Director of Estimating & Project Controls

Don is always looking for new ways to reduce project costs for his clients. Over his 35 years of experience in construction and environmental construction services, he has incorporated novel approaches that include the use of specialized equipment and patented technologies to provide cost-effective solutions. Don assembles teams to ensure successful project approaches and execution for a wide variety of clients in industries as diverse as automotive manufacturing, government infrastructure, mining, and manufactured gas plants.

An avid outdoorsman, Don recalls how, in the 1980s, news of polluted land and waterways inspired him to pursue a career in environmental engineering. He takes great pride in helping to clean up an area and seeing wildlife return.

We know that certain industries pollute, but we have the technology to prevent further pollution. I am committed to cleaning up our planet now, and keeping it clean for future generations of all species.