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Environmental trusts

Sound science and emotional intelligence put environmental trust on more sustainable path

25,000 gallons per month

amount by which our approach reduced leachate generation


saved per year by leachate reduction


  • A lake in the southeastern United States provides drinking water and recreation. It is also home to a former hazardous waste landfill, currently managed by a trust.
  • Locals became concerned about drinking water contamination and mismanagement of the site. To counter negative public perception and independently assess the site’s operations and management, the state — which provided financial oversight of the trust — turned to Haley & Aldrich.
  • We evaluated the landfill and found that it did not pose a risk to public health or the environment, sharing our results openly with the community and other stakeholders to quell fear and meet all regulatory requirements.
  • We also identified and provided solutions to reduce the generation of leachate — rainwater filtered through the landfill — which saved the trust over $500,000 dollars per year.

For more information, contact:

Mark Miesfeldt

Senior Technical Expert, Hydrogeology