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Thermal generation consulting

We bring novel solutions and an end-in-mind approach to expedite your project’s time-to-market.

As an independent power producer, you are all too familiar with the many challenges you face to bring a thermal generation project to market. Your project needs to be financeable, stand up to agency review, and meet a tight time-to-market deadline. Achieving these goals while navigating complex and shifting regulations, as well as potential opposition, is no easy task.

Haley & Aldrich’s thermal generation consultants understand that to achieve your goals, you need to find unconventional solutions to your challenges. That’s why our scientists and engineers focus not only on finding creative solutions, but those that will ultimately bring better value for your project spend.

From the concept stage, our consulting teams work closely with you to identify and consider project aspects that could improve your timeline. We develop and evaluate alternative designs and approaches — while engaging your project stakeholders — so we can find the best, most efficient solutions.

For one client, we simultaneously evaluated and helped choose power plant sites that could be permitted using either water-cooled or air-cooled plant layouts. The result? Our client was able to determine which path would result in fewer agency and financing delays, ultimately speeding up their permitting timeline through three successfully sited and constructed facilities generating a net 2GW of new, clean energy. And we have more stories like this to share.

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Lynn Gresock

Principal Consultant

Market highlights

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  • Checkmark Geotechnical engineering
  • Checkmark Permitting strategy
  • Checkmark Project planning and lean facilitation
  • Checkmark Resources permitting (air, water, wetlands, etc.)
  • Checkmark Site construction monitoring (geotechnical, environmental)
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An end-in-mind approach to thermal generation consulting

At Haley & Aldrich, we also strive to envision the end product so we can help you bring your project to market as quickly as possible. Our in-depth knowledge of how thermal generation power plants are permitted enables us to identify what monitoring requirements may be necessary during construction. And with our permitting knowledge, we’re often able to decrease our clients’ permit requirements — enhancing their cost management, schedules, financing, and ultimately, time-to-market.

Because of our ability to look forward, we’re able to continually find efficiencies and remove obstacles for you. We understand that no matter how green a project may be objectively, you may still experience opposition. We work side-by-side with you and the community, initiating these conversations as early as possible in your project’s development. We know that the earlier we help you deploy effective community relations around a project’s environmental aspects, the better the outcome for you and your project stakeholders.

Some of our thermal generation consulting services include:

At Haley & Aldrich, we bring whole process understanding from concept through construction and commissioning of a new or re-powered generating facility. With the end product in mind, you and your team will realize better value.

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