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PFAS remediation research – evolution from past to present, current efforts, and potential futures

John Xiong

Haley & Aldrich’s emerging contaminants practice leader Dr. John Xiong has co-authored a new paper that was recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Remediation.

The paper focuses on per‐and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) remediation research, with summaries and evaluations from John and a panel of leading experts from academia and industry. The coauthor group includes Charles J. Newell, William H. DiGuiseppi, Daniel P. Cassidy, Craig E. Divine, James M. Fenstermacher, Nathan W. Hagelin, Ryan A. Thomas, Paul Tomiczek III, Scott D. Warner, and Paul B. Hatzinger.

Noting PFAS compounds’ unique characteristics, the paper considers the advantages and challenges of current PFAS treatment options and reviews approaches under research and development. The authors also outline several possible scenarios for future PFAS groundwater remediation progress. Read the abstract and view payment options for the full article in Remediation.