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Webinar: strategic decision-making for EHS managers

This webinar was hosted by NAEM and presented by Haley & Aldrich’s Sunila Gupta and Bethany Brooks on April 25, 2017. In it, Gupta and Brooks discuss how new Lean methods can help environmental, health & safety (EHS) managers to better understand and monetize risk to inform strategic decision-making. Lean is a systematic approach through which an organization can empower its people to identify problems, remove obstacles and implement change. It is based on three principles: respecting people, reducing waste and increasing value. These new approaches focus on how to apply Lean principles to develop:

  • A facilitated approach to EHS portfolio management
  • A systematic way to assess risk that helps EHS managers make informed and strategic decisions  
  • Reporting for internal management and tracking portfolio progress towards goals

Watch the full webinar below.