Environment | Groundwater Fate & Transport Modeling

Above and beyond computer models

Fate-and-transport modeling at Haley & Aldrich is a collaborative discipline that combines hydrogeology, biogeochemistry and risk characterization to distinguish source areas, transport pathways and travel times. By applying a thoughtful, multi-disciplinary approach, Haley & Aldrich supports truly strategic thinking in remedial strategies, ensuring not only technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness, but sound protection of human health, safety, public welfare and the environment.

> Service Highlights

  • In-situ hydraulic testing
  • Biogeochemistry evaluation
  • Chemical fingerprinting & isotopic analysis
  • Analytical & numerical fate-and-transport modeling
  • Source attribution forensics
  • Plume stability demonstration
  • Monitored natural attenuation demonstrations
  • Remediation strategy optimization
  • Forensics & litigation support